Web Information System HELP


Faculty Login Instructions
New faculty members must undergo Web for Faculty training before OIT Web Information System access is available to them.

Student Login Instructions
Enter your OWL ID which begins with 918. Next, enter your temporary PIN, which is your birth date. Enter your date of birth using numbers in MMDDYY order, with no hyphens.

Your date of birth is a temporary PIN for your first login only. The Web Information System will prompt you to change your temporary PIN from your birth date to a new PIN during your first login. Be sure to choose a new PIN that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. Next time you log in, use your new PIN. You may change your PIN at any time using the Change PIN menu item in the Personal Information menu.

Immediately following your first time login, you will be prompted to answer three new Security Questions. Choose a question and answer no one else could easily guess. If you forget your PIN, you can click the button labeled "Forgot PIN?" and then answer a security question as an emergency login. You will be prompted to change your PIN and you will use the new PIN the next time you log in.

Choosing a PIN

Choosing a Security Question and Answer

Login problems
As a security measure, OIT will not release a PIN. If you experience problems logging in, bring a picture ID to the OIT Registrar's Office in Klamath Falls, or to the Metro or Capital Center in Portland. If you are unable to appear in person, you may submit a written, faxed or telephone request. The written or faxed request should include your Student ID, your date of birth, your signature, and a copy of a legible photo ID. You may fax your request to (541) 885-1274 in Klamath Falls, or (503) 786-5040 in Portland. To request a PIN reset by phone, call the Klamath Falls Registrar's Office at (541) 885-1305 or the Portland Office at (503) 821-1250. OIT staff will reset your PIN to your date of birth in MMDDYY order.

Repeated login attempts
The Web Information System will disable your PIN after any combination of five failed attempts to login using an incorrect PIN and/or an incorrect answer to the Security Question. This is to protect each user's security and privacy. If your PIN is disabled, you can request that it be re-enabled by email to registra@oit.edu or call (541) 885-1305.

Previous login attempts
The Web Information System notes the last time that you logged into the system. If you believe that someone else has logged into your account, please contact the OIT Registrar's Office immediately at (541) 885-1305. You should also change your PIN and your Security Question and Answer immediately.

Faculty members experiencing login problems should email registra@oit.edu or call the Web Information System staff at (541) 885-1301.

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